We help make bone marrow transplantation in Ukraine more affordable!

Bone marrow transplantation is sometimes the only salvation for cancer patients. Only two types of bone marrow transplantation are available in Ukraine: autologous (the patient receives his own bone marrow) and allogeneic (from a family donor).

Such operations are performed only by some Ukrainian hospitals, among them NDSL "Okhmatdyt". The procedure itself is quite complicated and expensive, and for seriously ill patients, there may not be time to collect funds at all. In order to make the procedure more affordable for such patients, our foundation handed over six auxiliary sets for bone marrow processing to NDSL "Okhmatdit".

Why is this important?

The kit includes a special bag, in which the procedure for the selection of hematopoietic stem cells from the donor's bone marrow, removal of erythrocytes and plasma takes place, which significantly reduces the risks of unexpected reactions and emergency conditions in patients during transplantation. Usually, one such bag is needed for one transplant.

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