The first digital scanner is already in Ukraine!

Dear friends, we are pleased to announce that the first digital scanner for diagnosing cancer is already in Ukraine! The device is still being set up and tested. This is a complicated and lengthy process, but we are making every effort to transfer the scanner to one of the histology laboratories in Ukraine as soon as possible.

Thanks to the digital scanner, it will be possible to

- diagnose cancer 2 times faster and more efficiently;

- consult with other specialists from anywhere in the world by simply sending a link to the file;

- use databases of digital images to diagnose atypical diseases.

You can also join the implementation of digital pathology. This technology, which is effectively used in the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, and European countries, will allow us to significantly improve cancer diagnosis.

To implement the national program, we need to install more than 100 digital scanners in medical institutions and laboratories across the country. Their cost is UAH 7,500,000. To make this process faster, please support our project! 

You can read more about the scanner and the technology on our website.