We are starting the All-Ukrainian project "Live. Love. Donate"

The "True Miracle" Charitable Foundation together with state blood transfusion centers is launching a project called "Live. Love. Donate" ("Live. Love. Donut").

The goal of the project is to popularize blood donation in Ukraine.

Blood is a unique resource, the need for which is constant for patients of any age in urgent emergency medical care, planned surgical interventions, treatment of oncological and hematological diseases, etc. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for donors has grown significantly, and the problem of the availability of donated blood has become particularly acute, which is why supporting the development of donation has become one of our main priorities.

As part of the project, a series of videos with famous donors will be released, who will honestly talk about their experience of donating blood, debunk it with us myths and prejudices about donation.

The project has already been joined by КНП “Київський міський центр крові“Запорізький обласний центр служби кровіKP Dnipropetrovsk Regional Blood Transfusion Station..

The first videos are coming very soon. Don't miss it!