Free webinar

We invite family doctors, gastroenterologists, gynecologists, infectious disease specialists, oncologists, surgeons and all other interested members of the medical community to attend the webinar on "Opportunities for chemoembolization in the treatment of cancer. What should doctors know?"

Date: 14.12 
Time: 16:00 

Duration of the webinar - about 60 minutes  


  • Vadym Kondratiuk, MD, Senior Researcher at the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantation named after A.A. Shalimov 
  • Mykola Ivanov is a specialist at Terumo Interventional Systems. "Terumo is a leader in access technologies used in interventional oncology procedures and offers a wide range of therapeutic solutions.

The agenda of the event: 

  • What is chemoembolization, how it works, and its place in cancer treatment (10 min)
  • Patient selection tactics. Indications and contraindications (10 min) 
  • Clinical cases (10 min, Kondratyuk) 
  • The future of chemoembolization: an overview of current research and possible directions of development (15 min, Ivanov) 
  • Questions and answers (10 min) 

Cancer is the second most common cause of death from disease in the world after cardiovascular disease, according to statistics from the World Health Organization. With the growing relevance and the search for effective treatments in recent years, chemoembolization has become one of the leading techniques in the treatment of certain types of cancer, especially liver tumors.

During the webinar, experts will share the latest information on the effectiveness and practical application of the chemoembolization method in practice.

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