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There are many high-level doctors in Ukraine, but without knowledge of the latest techniques and the availability of the necessary tools and technologies, they cannot always provide high-quality and effective treatment. As a result, there are high mortality rates for those diseases that are successfully treated in other countries. Therefore, many Ukrainian patients have to undergo expensive treatment abroad or, due to a lack of funds, remain without the necessary assistance.

The idea of ​​creating the International Fund for Medical Innovation arose with the beginning of the pandemic. It was COVID-19 that showed how badly Ukrainian hospitals need new equipment, new technologies and new approaches to treatment. The closing of the borders actually meant doom for some seriously ill patients, due to the lack of opportunity to receive the necessary treatment in Ukraine.

The main goal of the fund is to contribute to the development of Ukrainian medicine in every possible way, namely:

  • purchase modern medical equipment and instruments
  • to help doctors gain new knowledge and master new methods of treatment, including abroad
  • support medical research
  • to develop blood donation in Ukraine

The team of our foundation consists of volunteers and consultants who have been working in medicine for a long time. Therefore, we "inside" know the essence of the most urgent problems and needs of patients and direct funds to solve the most acute of them.

Systemic changes in the medical field will improve the quality and length of life of Ukrainians and save many more lives than collecting funds for the treatment of individual patients.

Iryna Shebitchenko

Director of the fund

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