Supporting heart health!

Every year, heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias) are becoming more common among people in Ukraine. Serious arrhythmias cause up to 15% of deaths among people with cardiovascular disease. Therefore, if a patient is diagnosed with an arrhythmia, treatment should be started immediately. 

Unfortunately, some of the heart rhythm disorders are not amenable to drug therapy. The modern method of treating arrhythmias is pacemakers, which are installed through 1 small incision under the collarbone, without full anesthesia. After the procedure, most patients return to normal life the next day.

Recently, we have delivered such devices for rhythm restoration to one of the hospitals in Poltava region. We are pleased to announce that they have already been implanted in patients! 

We continue to work for the benefit of people and for the development of medicine.

You are welcome to join in! Fundraising for medical equipment continues.

Fundraising for a wound treatment device

The administration of the Feofaniya Clinical Hospital asked our foundation to help purchase equipment for hydrosurgical wound treatment and consumables for it. The Feofaniya surgeons need a modern device for treating acute injuries and traumas, large planar wounds and burns, mine-blast wounds, which will make wound treatment safe and help patients recover faster after the procedure.The cost of the device is UAH 629,300.Help us to purchase this equipment! Make a donation on our websi...

Funding for medical bags

Ukrainian combat medics and the military are in constant need of tactical medical bags for storing first aid supplies.Our foundation decided to help and purchase high-quality medical bags that provide quick access to first-aid kit components. Therefore, we announce the collection! Goal: to collect funds for 200 pcs. Required amount: UAH 400,000.Let's support our defenders and tactical medics! Together we are an incredible force!

Help Fund Ukraine's First Pathology Digital Scanner

To solve the problem of cancer is a collective effort. Join our fight to implement advanced cancer diagnostic technologies in Ukraine!Annually, about 140,000 Ukrainians are diagnosed with cancer, and 63,000 (45%) patients die (according to the Ukrainian Cancer Registry).Early detection of malignant tumors, accurate diagnosis, and monitoring of disease progression are crucial for successful cancer treatment. The new technology - digital pathology - can significantly improve the situation with ...