"Real Miracle" supports the development of donation in Ukraine

Hundreds of people in Ukraine need donor blood every day! This need arises due to hematological diseases, injuries, complications during operations or childbirth, etc. Note that donation is a completely safe procedure.

Only sterile disposable systems are used for blood collection. In addition, the donation is useful for the donor himself. Having learned about the need for consumables, our foundation decided to help the "Kyiv City Blood Center" and gave it about 400 containers with anticoagulant and 20 sets for pooling platelets with an LRFXL filter.

Why is this important?

The container with the anticoagulant is an integral part of the blood donation process. It is necessary so that the blood does not clot during donation. That is, during sampling in a special device, the blood is mixed with an anticoagulant and thus does not spoil. The kits for unifying and filtering platelets (one of the components of blood) that we gave to the Blood Center are necessary already after donation. They can combine 4 doses of platelets. Such a concentration is usually necessary for people who have hematological diseases or have serious injuries. We are convinced that even small good deeds can help save lives. Become a donor or make a small contribution to our fund! Let's create miracles together!